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SEO "expert", all right

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This is too funny (and stupid) not to share: - - [04/Jun/2014:15:13:26 -0400] "POST /docs/config.html HTTP/1.1" 403 221 "http://www.l*nked*n.com/in/vancouverseoexpert" "PHP/5.3.65"

URL censored, but you can probably guess it. To explain:

  • posting to a plain HTML page that doesn't have any forms in it
  • which isn't at that URL any more, btw
  • with an obvious fake referrer (why would that site even link to us?)

Rule of thumb: If somebody calls himself an SEO "expert", laugh at them and walk away.

Don't link to Spamhuntress dot com

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So it seems Ann Elisabeth aka Spanhuntress has given up spam hunting and her old domain - and an SEO person picked it up instead (oh, the irony). So, I strongly suggest you do what I just did: Remove all links to spamhuntress dot com from your site. Don't give that scumbag any link juice.

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New year, same old stupidity

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Dear spammer at,

I'm glad to see that you finally figured out how your spam software works:

  1. attempt at 8:29am: "comment3, "
  2. attempt at 9:29am: "comment4, "
  3. attempt at 10:29am: "comment6, "
  4. attempt at 11:28am: "comment1, "
  5. attempt at 12:28pm: "comment6, "
  6. attempt at 2:36pm: You did it! Finally a text with 30 links to http://zabagu5te.info - congrats!

Once you figured that one out, you started sending more of the same, always using different domains. I see you got a bunch of nice .info domains there: read more

Wiki spam via Twitter

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Spam on Twitter is a topic that I don't want to get into (let's just say that if you spam me on Twitter, I will report you). But here's one that just came up for one of my searches. It was interesting in that it pointed to older revisions in a Wiki.

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GSoC spam

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Now that's an interesting spam attempt for a change. With Geeklog, we were lucky to be taking part in Google's Summer of Code program again in 2009 and announced that on our site. The program has since ended and there isn't really much to post about right now. But tonight, someone tried to leave a comment on our announcement post.

The content of that comment has apparently been lifted from a blog post by one of the mentors of the Django project (who also participated in GSoC this year). Other than GSoC, there's no connection between Geeklog and Django, so there's no reason to post that on our site, especially not months after the fact.

The thing that did trigger our spam filter, though: read more

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